Lombok Island is one of the rising tourism stars in Indonesia. The island, which earns most of its income from agriculture & tourism sector while tourism is now becoming increasingly popular due to the laid back feel of its culture, traditions, beaches & landscape.

1. General Information

Lombok is a few hundred kilometers east of Bali. The island is almost as big as Bali so a lot of Lombok’s visitors are actually tourists from Bali who are looking to breathe from the crowds. The Island is home to a total of 3.3 million people and has a considerable population of immigrants from other cultures.

2. How To Get There

Garuda Indonesia

Garuda Indonesia

Bali acts as the main entry point to Lombok. The island can be accessed from its more famous neighbor via sea or air. There are also domestic flights from Jakarta, Surabaya as well as Makassar.
For those who will be on connecting flights from other major cities in Southeast Asia, they may book a direct flight to Lombok that flies from Singapore, Kuala Lumpur and Johor Bahru.

3. Attractions

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Lombok Traditional Dancer

While there are a lot of great tourist spots in Lombok Indonesia, here are the ones that really stand out and something you must know about Lombok:

4. Gili Islands

The Gili islands are made up of three small islets off the coast of Lombok: Gili Trawangan, Gili Air and Gili Meno. Of these three, Trawangan is now identifies itself as a great  vacation destination suitable for families of all ages.

In Trawangan motorized transport are not allowed, the only way to get around is on foot, by bicycle and in pony horse carts called as Cidomo. Meno, on the other hand, is still relatively untouched, the island is more for honeymooner while Gili Air is starting to build a reputation due to its increasingly maturing social scene. Snorkeling and diving are the most attractive activity in these three Gili Islands since there are many spot to explore here.

5. Mount Rinjani

Mount Rinjani is an active volcano. It rises to 3,726 m (12,224 ft). Located inside a national park, this mountain is the second highest peak in this large archipelago of Indonesia. The first historical eruption occurred in September of 1847. Mount Rinjani has a famous crater lake called Danau Segara Anak that is visited by many mountaineers.

For the people of Lombok, Sasak, the volcano is revered as a sacred place and abode of deities. Segara Anak Crater Lake is the destination of thousand of pilgrims who climb the mountain every year to pray and place offerings in the water and for medicine reason in the hot springs.

6. Mawun Beach

If you are looking for a bit of silence, Mawun Beach is perfect for you. It is one of the more secluded and deserted white sand beaches in the Lombok Island. If you ever watched “The beach” Leonardo Dicaprio? You will imagine the same atmosphere and experience.

7. Things To Do in Lombok

Lombo cycling Bilebante

Lombok cycling Bilebante

Lombok is not like its neighbor to the west that has a lot of touristy activities for travelers. However, that does not mean that there are no fascinating things that can be done here.

8. Explore the road from Sengigi to Pemenang with a scooter

A touristy way of exploring multiple great spots in the island is to ride a scooter from Sengigi to Pemenang. Between these two points, tourists will be able to enjoy the picturesque views of Lombok Indonesia.

9. Shop in traditional markets 

There are a lot of traditional markets in this island. In Ampenan, you will be able to buy fresh food, veggies and spices. For souvenirs and clothes, however, you may want to go to the Cakranegara Market or to several art market are in Senggigi and Sayang Sayang.

10. Watch wedding parades

Lombok Wedding Parades

Wedding Parades

The Sasak people have been an unique ethnic in Indonesia for years. Up to now, they were able to preserve their culture successfully. One manifestation of this are the wedding parades that regularly happen in the streets during the weekends.
So if you are planning to take a vacation or you have already explored Bali and you are in need of something different, Lombok is the place for you.

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